It’s been quite the year, hasn’t it? Like every other business, we’ve faced challenges with all that happened in 2021 while still recovering from the previous year. What thrilled us was the fact that we were able to help businesses and homeowners with a wide range of solutions to project needs they had. Believe it or not, custom welding solutions offer options for any project. Take a look at a few projects we tackled this past year!

Machine and tool repairs

2021 was the year that nothing was available! Parts were on backorder, tools were nowhere to be found, and raw materials were stuck on a ship somewhere in the world. For many craftsmen and those who depend on their tools and machines, the shortages could have negatively impacted a project. Luckily, replacing a tool or machine is not your only option! Tools and machine parts can often be repaired with minor welding work, making them as good as new. With our welding services, we helped customers repair their machines and tools instead of trying (unsuccessfully!) to replace them! That saved a lot of time, money, and stress for several of our happy customers!

Enhanced fencing and other home improvements

With limited travel, many homeowners turned their travel budget into home improvement projects, and we had a few fantastic ones! While there were several we worked on throughout the year, one of our favorites was our custom fence panel project. Yes, custom welding can include a creative aspect! For this project, we fabricated a series of Southwest-themed fence panels to create a look unique to any other home in the neighborhood. Check out the blog post where we posted all the pictures; this was by far one of our most enjoyable projects of 2021!

New machinery offered light production capabilities

It’s always been a challenge for many small businesses: where can you find a reliable, affordable resource for light production projects? In 2021, we acquired a new Arclight Dynamics CNC Plasma cutting table. This purchase greatly expanded our capabilities for both one-off custom and light production projects. The machine can make just about any 2-dimensional part, piece, or design in any flat metal that can conduct electricity. We’ve used it to cut steel, stainless steel, brass, and copper so forth. It’s been invaluable to our customers who need light production with a shorter wait time. Win-win for everyone!

Unique vehicle projects

If you’ve ever checked out our gallery page, you know we offer a variety of solutions for cars, boats, trucks, and trailers. However, sometimes people are looking for something unique…. really unique, and ACW is the right company for the job! We helped create a “rat rod” that we think turned out pretty sweet! You won’t find one of these anywhere, it must be custom-created!

Custom welding solutions really do offer a variety of solutions for homes and businesses. Think you might need something repaired, enhanced, or created just for you? We can do it! Check out our full list of services, then contact us! Let’s work together in 2022!