Repairing instead of replacing can indeed save you money in many cases. That’s why so many people use our custom welding services when they have cars, fences, or vehicles in need of repair. Why try welding as a repair solution instead of replacing it? Here’s why:


Repairing often costs less than buying a new item, especially for high-value items like appliances, electronics, or vehicles. In many cases, the cost of repair is only a fraction of the cost of replacement. While not all items can be fixed with welding, oftentimes, people are replacing items for cosmetic reasons. Custom welding might be the answer instead of replacing it if you’re just looking for a facelift!

Extended lifespan

Repairing allows you to extend the lifespan of an item, maximizing its utility and reducing the frequency of replacements. This is not only economical but also more sustainable, reducing waste and environmental impact. Items like gates, stairs, and some tools are ideal for welding to extend their usefulness.

Preserving value

Some items have sentimental value that cannot be easily replaced. Repairing these items allows you to retain their value and significance. Do you have an old car that you can’t bear to part with, but it’s a bit past its prime? We offer automotive welding that may just suit your needs.


Repairing allows you to customize or upgrade items according to your preferences. This can be particularly beneficial for things like cars, hitches, trailers, sunshades, storage, or where personalization adds value for you.

Supporting local businesses

Opting for repairs supports local repair shops or professionals, contributing to the local economy and fostering community relationships. Not only is Affordable Custom Welding a locally owned business, it’s veteran-owned as well!

While there are situations where repairing may not be the most cost-effective or practical option, such as when the cost of repair is close to or exceeds the cost of replacement, or if the item is outdated and inefficient even after repair, most of the time it will save you money and time. If you have a vehicle, gate, stairs, or something else that you think could benefit from welding, give us a call and see if we can help! We’re big believers in repair rather than replace.