Machines and tools are always in need of repairs over time, or sometimes a tool or machine needs to be modified to better fit your needs. Oftentimes, that means replacing your tool or machine, but you don’t have to! Learn why machine and tool repairs and modifications can save you time and money.

Don’t replace, repair!

With the current environment, steel is going nuts right. Supplies are hard to come by and are taking longer than usual to arrive. For many craftsmen and those who depend on their tools and machines, that can negatively impact a project. Luckily, replacing a tool or machine is not your only option! Tools and machine parts can often be repaired with minor welding work, making them as good as new. Check out a few of the items below that we’ve worked on for customers:

repaired and modified parts

The first image above is a custom attachment for a tool for a Kubota excavator. The customer had all the pieces machined to spec and we welded them together.

For the second picture, the base plates were too small to do what they were needed it for, and the contractor couldn’t find any premade ones that would do the job, so we modified and strengthened these ones to get the job done.

In the last picture above, shortened auger bits were too long to do fit in where the customer needed them. But, because they get driven into the rock, they couldn’t just be cut and welded together or they would break.  So, they were cut down to the proper length, significantly beveled, welded together, and then a heavy gauge sleeve was welded on over the welded area.

Get more out of your machines and tools with custom modifications

Sometimes tools don’t break, but they simply don’t do the job you need them to do. That leaves you with buying a new tool, living with what you have, or modifying the tool to fit your needs. That’s where custom welding comes in! We can work with you to figure out what exactly you need out of that tool or machine, and then fabricate custom parts or do modifications to make it happen! Check out a few of our projects below:

tool and machine modifications

The aluminum valve cover one was made for a hydraulic valve, something typically permanently mounted on a machine. For this application, the valve needed to be able to be mobile in tight areas. It was made from aluminum to keep it light enough to move around in tight spaces.

The dolly cart was made to carry a 70+ pound hydraulic motor underneath houses, many of which have only the smallest of crawl spaces. The cart had to be capable of carrying the weight, going over rough terrain, and be able to fit in as tight a space as possible.

Need custom welding done? Let’s work together!

Don’t settle for a tool or machine that isn’t working for you as it should! Affordable Custom Welding can help repair or modify almost any tool or machine you have. We offer mobile welding too and come right out to your location to get the job done. Don’t replace when you can repair with Affordable Custom Welding!