ACW recently purchased a new Arclight Dynamics CNC Plasma cutting table.  This is an exciting purchase for us because it greatly expands our capabilities for both one-off custom and light production projects.  The machine can make just about any 2-dimensional part, piece, or design in any flat metal that can conduct electricity.  We’ve used it to cut steel, stainless steel, brass, and copper so far. It’s amazing what this table can do, allowing us to create some really cool items!

Enhancing our services

We also purchased a few add-ons with the table; enabling it to engrave, cut round tube and pipe, and trace.  The tube and pipe cutter attachment is especially cool because no matter what angle or notch a pipe or tube needs to be cut at to fit, the machine can do it. It can also cut designs and lettering into tubes. This allows us to do some awesome custom work including the custom fence panels we did a while back.

The trace feature means you can bring a part over, make a cardboard mock-up, or just hand-draw something and the tracer will follow the lines and transfer your piece into a cuttable file. With the Hypertherm Powermax 65 attached to the table, it can cut up to ¾ inch steel.

Why the upgraded equipment?

One of the reasons for the upgrade to this table was for Affordable Custom Welding to start light production work. Many times, in the past, we’ve received calls from customers who needed 50 or 100 of some machine part, bracket, or tab.  Most larger shops aren’t willing to make that short run of something, leaving the only option to have the parts custom fabricated.  This is a more expensive option than machine-made pieces.  Now with the new machine, ACW can take on these custom light production projects at a reasonable cost. We’re excited to open up this whole new opportunity to our customers who need a small batch of machine parts made. We look forward to expanding our services in the future as we find more opportunities to meet the needs of our customers with this new machine.

As always, we continue to provide mobile services as well, and can handle any project that a 4×4 can get to! Whether you’re a business owner, contractor, or homeowner, we look forward to working with you on your next custom welding project!