It’s always fun to share the really unique projects we work on throughout the year. Back in November of 2023, we wrote about our first helicopter trainer project. Now we have another in progress!

This new project will be very similar to the one from November. It’s for the same customer, but at a different location. This new trainer project will only simulate a UH-60 Black Hawk. The location is the National Guard’s high-altitude training center in CO.

The key difference on this trainer is that there will be no legs due to the hanger floor being heated. It will be mounted 30ish feet above the floor directly to the wall. As you can imagine, that presents some big challenges and will necessitate some big equipment. The trainer itself weighs around 4k pounds!

We’ll update everyone as the project moves further along, but we’re excited to be working with the National Guard again! It’s a big opportunity for Affordable Custom Welding.