Everyone’s looking for ways to become more green, less wasteful, and get more use out of machines or other items that they have. While there are times when something simply cannot be salvaged, you’d be surprised how often custom welding services can step in a make an old or damaged item usable if not practically new again!

Vehicles: Why Replace When You Can Repair?

When it comes to our vehicles, whether they be cars, trucks, SUVs, or Jeeps, we come to depend on them to get us where we need to go, so it’s frustrating when something breaks, especially if it’s a metal part that will likely cost a lot of money to have fixed at the dealership or a custom body shop. Before you go and buy a new bumper, oil pan, roof rack, etc., look into custom welding solutions. Most of the time you can repair an item affordably instead of replacing it.

By design, bumpers, fenders, and running boards are supposed to take the brunt of the abuse we put on our vehicles. We crash into things, add tow hitches to pull things, or get just a little too close to a curb and wind up with dents or a detached running board. Some damage is cosmetic, while others compromise the function of the vehicle. A professional custom welder can likely fix the damage and make the part as good as new. Why buy a new bumper or running board when you can fix the one you have for a fraction of the price? This applies to collector cars too! People who collect cars know it is not a cheap hobby, especially if your passion is for older models. Parts are hard if not impossible to find and if you do get lucky enough to find a part, it’s expensive! While it’s important for some parts to be genuine, other items such as oil pans or floor pans can easily be repaired or fabricated by an experienced welder. Rust can also be an issue with older cars but for a welder with experience in automotive welding, rust issues can easily be addressed. Even gas tanks can be repaired by a skilled welder, saving you substantial money over buying a new part.

Boat Repairs and Enhancements

Being a boat owner is not for the faint of heart. One reason some boat owners get rid of their water toys is due to damage that’s too expensive to fix, or a lack of features, like storage, that they want to fully enjoy their ride. Custom welders who work on boats and jet skis know how to present solutions to address these issues. Engine covers, firewalls, and folding seats are just a few custom welding solutions that can breathe new life into a boat or jet ski. For you “fixer uppers” out there, refurbishing old boats with new interior frameworks can make it good as new and waterworthy. Before you spend thousands of dollars on repairs and enhancements, look up a quality custom welder to see what they can do. Make renovating and repairing your boat or jet ski one of the happiest days of your life!

Business and Personal Machinery

Businesses and homeowners alike depend on their tools and machinery to get work done. Nothing is more frustrating than when a critical part breaks, leaving most to feel the machine is useless and needs to be replaced. However, depending on the part, many machine parts can be repaired with custom welding. Oftentimes a metal part is simply worn; minor welding can make the part like new for a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire machine.

Using Welding for Home Repairs

Harsh Arizona weather can do a number on fences, gates, and railing. Exceptionally wet monsoons can cause rust damage while harsh Arizona summers can weaken fence and gate parts over time. A mobile welding company can easily come onsite and make railing, fences, and gates like new, saving homeowners and business owners substantial money. From framing to hinges to latches and more, try welding repairs before replacing them!

Many people think that repairing metal is cost-prohibitive and inconvenient, choosing instead to simply replace the part over getting it repaired. Custom welding solutions offer the opportunity to repair or enhance your car, boat, truck, RV, Jeep, ATV, or jet ski so you can continue to enjoy them for years to come. Why replace when you can repair it? Reach out to us to help with your welding needs.