A substantial part of our business is pure one-off custom welding work. Customers have a problem or repair but aren’t sure what the solution is or if it’s possible with welding. Our expertise and experience allow us to come on-site, see what the problem is, create a solution and make it happen. We just figure it out and make it work! Learn how one-off custom welding solutions can save you money.

Automotive repair and enhancements

motorcycle repariAffordable Custom Welding has done quite a bit of automotive welding in the past; projects that could otherwise be very cost-prohibitive to our customers. Some of our work includes rust repairs and reinforcing roll cages, trailers, gas tanks, and much more. Especially when it comes to older cars, parts can be hard to find and often very expensive. However, with a little time, skill and TLC, we’re typically able to do various automotive repairs for a fraction of the cost. This is also the case with custom enhancements for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and RVs. We’ve fabricated our fair share of trailers, tow hitches, roll cages, bumpers, and roof racks!

Residential work

custom fence panelsWe have several happy clients who have called us to help with residential welding challenges such as gate repairs. Sometimes it’s as simple as repairing or fabricating a gate part, but sometimes it’s creating a new gate frame altogether. We can also repair awnings and sunshades, as well as railings. Some of our favorite residential projects have included custom gate fabrication where we can put our creative talents to work. Doors, stairs, handrails, fencing, shelving…..we can do it all, often at a fraction of what it would be to buy new!

Machine parts and small run production

machine partsIf you’ve ever had a machine part break mid-job, you know how costly it can be to repair or replace it. First, you have to find the part and if you’re lucky enough to do that, then you have to order it and wait…and wait…and wait. That can put your job on hold and cost you precious money and time. Affordable Custom Welding can do machine part repairs and can even do short-run production depending on what you’re looking for.

Before you replace, contact Affordable Custom Welding

We’re always telling our customers: don’t replace: REPAIR! Contact us first to see if we can help with our custom welding services. We’ll even come to you with our mobile welding services. Whether you need something created from scratch or a repair, work with us to save you time, money, and stress! Affordable Custom Welding is your custom welding solution specialist!