We’ve been showcasing our Las Vegas project these last couple of months. This month, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge one of our partners that’s working with us to get the job done!

Stillwater Concepts, LLC is owned by Rich Carlburg. They’re an electrical company based in Mesa, AZ. Rich was one of our original customers from when we started the business, so we’ve been working together on various projects for nearly 5 years. Rich has the electrical contract for this Las Vegas project. Partnering with Rich allowed us to bid on a project this size, along with his talented team. We even taught one of his guys to weld, and another how to cut. The guys are happy because they are learning new things, and doing something other than what they do every day. Win-win for everyone!

We have about a third of the building done in steel. They got the rest of the walls up mid-December, so soon that steel will go in too. We’re making great progress! There was one cool bit when the last of the walls went up that we wanted to share: There is a wall that is completely unsupported on one side, save by the plate we made and the welding we did to hold it. It was about 35 feet in the air with the crane holding the panel while we welded it in. The panel weighs about 16k pounds. The video is of the welding:

This has been an amazing project for Affordable Custom Welding so far! Stay tuned for more updates next month!