It never ceases to amaze just how much damage a monsoon storm can do. From downed trees to leaking roofs, monsoons bring about a lot of damage in a lot of different ways. We have worked with several homeowners over the years who reached out to us to help repair the damage after a monsoon storm hits.

Repairing damaged gates and railing

custom fencing One of the repair requests we see every year is helping with damaged fencing and gates. Older homes in Phoenix still have original gates and railings, and all it takes is one significant storm to cause damage. Whether the railing simply gives out after years of structural duress, or one exceptionally large tree does the damage, Affordable Custom Welding can help! We can come onsite and do mobile welding repairs if the gate or fencing needs repairs. If the damage is more significant, we can custom fabricate a replacement gate or fence. We have also replaced several damaged wood gates with sturdy metal gates to protect against future damage.

Wind-damaged awnings and sunshades

sun shadeMonsoon winds can be really tough on flimsy awnings and store-bought sunshades. We’ve come in and reinforced existing structures made minor repairs, and even fabricated all new awnings and sunshades as a result of monsoon damage. A year’s worth of Arizona weather can really stress these kinds of structures, and one strong storm can be their demise. ACW can create a custom solution to keep your home or business protected.

Furniture repairs and fabrication

custom end tablesIf your patio furniture ends up in the pool one too many times after a storm, it may be time to repair the damage done. We’ve repaired and reinforced furniture after storms, as well as fabricated custom furniture pieces that are much hardier and can withstand outside AZ weather.

If monsoon storms have done damage to your home or business, turn to Affordable Custom Welding to help with repairs or replacement to get you back to pre-storm condition!