While most customers come to us for welding assistance to repair or fabricate something, we occasionally get requests to get a bit more creative. Over time, these special requests have grown, and now we have a fun collection of metal art projects with more requests coming in all the time! We thought it’d be fun to showcase a few.

Honoring our military

Affordable Custom Welding is a veteran-owned business, so we were thrilled when we got a request to create a military-themed metal art piece.

American flag

some gave all

Something fishy

Want a fish aquarium but don’t feel like hassling with maintaining one? How about one made out of metal?

Fish Tank

Honoring a loyal pet’s memory

We were honored to create this very special piece for a client who recently lost their beloved dog, Duke.


Mixed medium pieces

With the latest requests, we’ve started creating a couple of mixed medium pieces. Here are two we finished recently.

mixed medium

mixed medium art

We’ll be adding these and other pieces to our metal art gallery soon! Got something in mind you’d like us to create? Reach out to us with what you had in mind and what size you’re looking for, and we’ll create it for you!