A good portion of custom welding projects that we do involve trucks, RVs, boats, and other vehicles. Sometimes we’re adding custom racks, running boards, or storage boxes, but we have also done quite a bit with rust repair.

1st Gen Blazer rust repair

rust repair workOne successful rust repair job Affordable Custom Welding did was on a 1st generation, Chevrolet Blazer. Blazers first came on the market in 1969, so as a 1st generation vehicle still on the road, you know it’s had some wear and tear! Blazers are still popular with enthusiasts, so when we were approached to do a rust repair job we were happy to take on the project! People are always surprised by what can be accomplished with custom welding. When it comes to automotive rust repair, we can patch holes, fabricate panels, and much more. Savvy auto enthusiasts know that if a car or truck’s body shows signs of rust, it’s time to take it to a professional welder. And that’s just what this client did!

On that Blazer, the outer rocker panel was very rusted, but upon removing it we found the inner rocker panel was also pretty badly rusted. Ended up replacing both. That Blazer was later sold for a good deal more than our customer paid for it because it was now rust-free.

With our welding repair efforts, we were able to address the rust in the 1st Gen Blazer and breathe new life into the vehicle. The customer was thrilled with the results and so were we!

Once again, Affordable Custom Welding services show how it’s better to repair than replace! If you have a vehicle in need of rust repair, give us a call and see what we can do for you!