tube custom handrailsWe were hired by a customer to design and fabricate some custom handrails for their home. This project was a loft that had the standard wood handrail that every other house in the neighborhood had since they were all made by the same developer. Looking for something different, they reached out to us to see what we could do.

The top rails were made with a 2″ square tube, and all the horizontal bars were made from a 1×2″ rectangle tube. My first thought was that it would look a little too big with the thick rectangle tube, but it didn’t! When it was installed and handrailsthe project complete, it ended up looking really nice, especially as clear-coated steel instead of painted. The owner clear coated them since there are few things that look nicer than well-cleaned cold-rolled steel. Not only are these handrails functional, but they also add a level of style and uniqueness no other house in the neighborhood has! Just another great example of how adding custom features to a home can really make it stand out. This was a great project for us!