At ACW, we’re always looking for new ways to improve the welding services that we provide to our customers, so we’re thrilled to bring on this new piece of equipment that will expand our capabilities and open up numerous new opportunities.

Why so psyched about a piece of equipment?

The Miller Synchrowave 210 is an impressive machine! We originally purchased the equipment for a specific project we’re working on; to make a fuel tank for a Humvee and all the other trim pieces and smaller tanks it will require. We could do aluminum welding before but on a more general level. The new machine is specialized to aluminum and widens the capabilities for that metal quite a bit.

What can Affordable Custom Welding now offer with this new equipment?

With the Miller Synchrowave 210, we can work on different types of aluminum. Thin aluminum, decorative aluminum, anything that has to have a nice-looking weld we can now handle. We really couldn’t do that before, so having this piece of equipment on hand is pretty sweet. Welding aluminum can be difficult, but this new equipment makes the process a whole lot easier and opens up a lot of opportunities for us to provide various welding services to our clients. It’s pretty exciting stuff for us!