RV gates not only keep your yard secure, but also can add an element of style to your home. From basic metal frame RV gates to more custom, ornamental pieces, RV gates serve an important purpose for homeowners, which is why, when they fall into disrepair, it’s important to get them addressed as quickly as possible. New RV gates can be extremely cost prohibitive but at Affordable Custom Welding, we specialize in making your RV gate like new with custom welding. Whatever needs repairing on your RV gate, we can do!

Replacing or reinforcing RV gate frames

Over time, RV gate frames can rust, warp, or become unsightly. It may seem like the only solution is to replace the entire frame, but custom welding can repair or reinforce an old RV gate frame. Mobile custom welders have the expertise to assess how to repair the gate and do the repairs right on site without having to take the RV gate with them, leaving your backyard exposed and unprotected. Repairs can include loose hinges, unstable latches, or rusted frames that need to be reinforced. Before replacing, consider custom welding to fix your RV gate frame.

Upgrading RV gate design

There was a time when RV gates came in one style: square and straight across the top. Nowadays, homeowners are looking to add an element of design to their fencing, which includes RV gates. A professional custom welder can create and add a decorative top to the RV gate, not only adding style but additional privacy with the elevated gate height. Homeowners looking for decorative metal accents for the exterior of their home can now look to their RV gates for a style statement!

Reinforcing RV gates for extra protection

Typical RV gates are made with a metal frame and wood slates. Over time, those wood slats can warp from the harsh Arizona sun. While replacing those slats will help until they warp again, it’s a good idea to add reinforcing bars across the slats to keep them in place and sturdier, which also helps prevent significant warping. For homeowners looking for even more reinforcement, custom RV gates can be made of metal paneling along the bottom, and wood slates on the top, or even completely made of metal paneling. An experienced custom welder like Affordable Custom Welding can customize your RV gate to suit your needs. Always be sure the welding company is licensed, bonded and ensured for both residential and commercial projects.

Before replacing your old RV gate, look to Affordable Custom Welding, a veteran-owned company, to help repair, refurbish, or refinish your existing gate.