The latest project for Affordable Custom Welding to take on is a Humvee project. The vehicle needs a ton of work, the majority of it will be metalwork. That’s where we step in!

It’s a 2009 M1114 Humvee. It was an armored truck, which is what all the holes in the side of it are from! The armor was removed before it was auctioned off. The truck does run, but has some issues. The ultimate goal is to use the truck as an attention grabber and show off some custom work we’re capable of doing. We might even get a military trailer for it and use it for mobile jobs from time to time. The possibilities are endless!

ACW Humvee projectThe first order of business is to deal with the roof; it’s about 10 inches wider than the truck itself and looks like someone put an umbrella on it. That will get cut down and refit so it looks like it belongs on the truck. We will also have to custom fab roof supports and turret mounts, as those are missing, and the roof is currently not mounted to the body.

Once that’s done, the body can be removed and the frame can be cleaned up. Repairs on these motors happen frequently and are expensive. So another reason for taking the body off will be to remove the existing power train and install a new one. Likely a 7.3 liter Ford powerstroke engine.

Later plans include making a new interior, seats, dash, doors, etc. The inspiration for the build will be making it the Humvee I would have wanted when I was 20 in Iraq! This Humvee project is going to be an exciting challenge for ACW!