We’ve been working on a big project for a local HOA that we’re excited to share! Teaming up with another company in town, this big HOA project was amazing to work on!

Project challenges

HOA fencingThe HOA we worked with manages Pecan Creek in Queen Creek, which is a community bordered by a dirt road and split by a large wash. The dirt road and especially the wash are favorites for people on quads and dirt bikes and side by sides. The problem is they fly through the neighborhoods, or just cut through the neighborhoods to get to the wash to bomb around.

There was one large rocky common area they used frequently, that also had a sidewalk going through and up the side of it. Motorized vehicles would zoom down the sidewalk into the common area and then into the wash. Though a lot of fun for the riders, it wasn’t an ideal situation for the HOA and needed to be addressed for both safety reasons and aesthetics

ACW provides a solution

HOA sidewalkAffordable Custom Welding, in cooperation with First Iron Repair, built fencing to block people from driving into the common area and down the sidewalk. There were existing gates that dirt bikes could get through along the wash. On these existing gates, we built a corral system so people could still walk through but couldn’t get a dirt bike through. That way, the area was safe and could be enjoyed by those looking to have a nice walk through the area.

This was a BIG project for us, and we loved every minute of it! Once again, a customer came to us with a problem, and with our custom welding services, we were able to provide a solution!