dispensary projectACW got the contract for all the steelwork for a new cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas.  We will be doing everything from the embed plates in the concrete tilt-up walls to the final handrails and decorative steelwork. It’s a big project!

The project has already started, with most of the embed plates and ledger done and installed. It doesn’t look like much yet because the concrete company is still building all the walls on the concrete slab, but it’s going to look great! The first 2/3s of the walls will be done and standing the first week of November. From there, the real work will start, putting up all the columns and steel inner structure. That part should take around 2 months, then the roof can go on, and we can start working on all the stairs, handrails, and various decorative steel.

Las Vegas ACW projectAffordable Custom Welding is excited about this project because it is by far the largest we have ever taken on. As with any big project, we find many unanticipated small issues with the engineered plans, but everything has been solved as we approach each issue. These little issues would seem annoying at first, but aren’t; it’s one of the more exciting parts of the job; problem-solving on the job to get the project moving forward. We’ve always been good at problem-solving, and finding a problem, solving it, and keeping the project going is enjoyable.

We look forward to sharing more information once the project is complete!