Time for another update on our Vegas project! Overall, we are definitely exceeding expectations!

We finished the roof on the lobby this past week, and the last couple of weeks have just been little things like supporting AC units and their ductwork through the second-story floor. Small but very important!

One neat thing we’re thrilled about is that all of our work and welding have passed all inspections on the first try, including the ultrasound testing on some of the welds. Pretty proud of that! Haven’t had a single re-do, which is impressive! The inspector even gave us a compliment on how well we’ve done doing all the fab and cutting and welding on site. Typically for a job this size a lot of that is done in shops based on CAD drawings and all the beams and plates and such are oriented in such a way as to make the easiest welds. We can’t do any of that since we’re doing all the fab in the field. On this building, because of all the engineering errors, any shop work would have had to be redone because it wouldn’t have fit. So in this case our way was harder, but better in the long run.

Stay tuned as we continue to provide updates on Affordable Custom Welding‘s Las Vegas project.