welding projectWe recently completed an interesting project for a large local company that needed to connect their building’s cold chilling water supply to its new, very large paint booth. The booth itself was nearly thirty feet tall, and the cooling system was on top of the main booth, itself fifteen feet over the top of the paint booth. Big!!

The pipe was a 6-inch reduced down to a 3-inch pipe going into the booth. The inlet pipes on the booth were too close together to use pre-made reducers, so two custom manifolds had to be made to solve the problem.

Just above the inlet pipes was a large 30-inch duct which two 6-inch pipes had to go past. In addition to those challenges, the 30-inch ducting went around the entire booth, so there was no way to get a forklift or scissor lift to help get the existing pipes connected to the paint booth. It was all done by hand-off ladders with some very awkward welding positions!

AZ custom weldingWhile it doesn’t come across as very impressive in the pictures, this is one of the more challenging projects ACW has taken on, not in the least because all the awkward position welds had to be completely watertight. We’re thrilled with the finished result and pleased that Affordable Custom Welding was up for the challenge!